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Wood Craft

Wood Carving is a highly specialized form of carving that is extremely intricate and meticulous. Decorative pieces like animals, temple carvings, idols of Lord Jagannath, and toy items are some of the popular pieces carved in Orissa along with other utilitarian items like bowls, plates, and ashtrays .These items are simple and done in polished wood.

Excellently proportioned and finished to fine smoothness these wood carvings depict myths, legends and folklore. Good examples of the work of the wood carvers of Orissa can be found in temple ceilings and carved wooden beams and doors in places like Charchika temple, Buguda, Banki, Birnchinarayan temple, Kapilas, Siva temple and the Laxmi Nrusingha temple at Berhampur. Other popular motifs include various stylized animals and birds, elephant, lion, tiger, bull, peacock etc.

The craftsmen of Kendapara are famous for their wooden handicraft products. Daspalla area near Puri is also famous for wood crafts. The craftsmen of Khandapara in Puri are proficient at carving plates, bowls, flowerpots and other decorative articles from a creamy white wood.