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Long Beautiful hairThere are different types of hair with differ with people.However they can be broadly categorized into these four types:

  • Normal Hair
  • Oily hair
  • Dry Hair
  • Combination Hair

Normal Hair

  • It is shiny yet not greasy and fairly easy to manage.
  • It flies about a little a day after the set but it soon settles down and looks good for about a week.

Oily Hair

  • Looks good for a day or two after shampooing but then quickly becomes lifeless.
  • Groups of hair cling together in unattractive strands and the head feels dirty.
  • It often has the problem of dandruff.

Dry Hair

  • It is difficult to control dry hair after shampooing. Looks dull and has ends that are dry and split. Even just before shampooing the ends look dry.
  • The head too feels dry and sometimes itchy. Dry hair breaks of very easily.
  • Sometimes there are dry flakes of skin around the hair line.

Combination Hair

  • It is the combination of both greasy and dry hair.
  • It is usually fairly long and the hair nearest the head is greasy while the ends are dry.
  • After shampooing, the hair looks good except for the ends.
  • Ends look difficult to set smoothly, split and lighter in color than the roots.
  • But by the time hair needs shampooing again, ends look quite good.