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Rituals & Festivals of MAA Tarini

Daily worship is performed at the temple of the Maa Tarini. Two days of the week viz Tuesday and Saturday are considered to be the favorite days of the Mother and consequently special pujas are offered in these two days. Devotees visit Ghatagaon in large number in these two days. One of the most interesting features of the worship of the Mother in the temple is that there is no priest or Brahmin to perform the worship on behalf of the devotee. The puja is offered by DEHURI a tribal group at the temple of Maa for you.


MAa tarini Temple at GhatagaonDaily Rituals at the temple of Maa Tarini

The temple gates of Maa Tarini are opened for darshan for all her devotees at the following time:

  • From April to September 6 AM to 1 PM and from 3.30 PM to 8 PM
  • From October to March 7 AM to 1.30 PM and from 3 PM to 7.30 PM

The following rituals are performed after the temple doors are performed.

Abaskasha (The Morning Puja)

Maa's ritual begins at 6 AM daily morning at 6 AM. MAA first takes her bath every morning. Turmeric paste, Chua (kind of rough oil) and sandal paste is applied on the idol before the bathing ritual. Then water is poured on MAA to complete the ritual of Bath. The customary worship of the Mother then begins amidst the echoing of Ghantas (Bells). Aarti and is completed and the daily offerings of (Ukhudaa beaten rice which is famous in Orissa), coconut, Bananas and other sweets made to her.

Khechedi Dhupa) (Puja at Noon)

 Khechedi Dhupa ritual begins at the noon generally around 11 AM everyday. Maa is offered a cooked rice with lintels and vegetables called KHECHIDI.

Anna Dhupa (Puja at Mid Day)

 This is the third ritual of Mother in the day and is called Anna Dhupa.The ritual begins at Mid Day (1-1.30 PM) everyday with offerings of Anna (Rice) , Dali or Dalma (Lintels).

Sandhya Dhupa (Puja at Evening)

This is the last ritual of Maa and after this the temple is closed. In this Sandhya Dhupa (The Puja at Evening) Maa is offered Chakuli Pitha a traditional cake prepared with chopped rice grains.

Festivals Observed at the Temple of MAA Tarini

Maa TariniEveryday is a festive day at MAA's shrine. Devotees throng to offer Darshan every day. However festivals are special occasions when the mood in the temple as well as those of the devotees is joyous. The following festivals are observed in the temple.

  • Makara Sankranti (January 14-16 every year)
  • Maha Visubha Sankranti (April 14-16 every year)
  • Raja Sankranti (June 14-16 every year)

Devotees gather in large numbers on these specific dates to offer darshan to Maa. Apart from these festivals lot of other festivals also observed at the holy shrines of Maa. Dusshera and Diwali is also observed at Maa's Shrine.