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Sand Art

Tajmahal created in sand:sand craft of Orissa

Carving of sculpture in sand or sand art as is popularly called has been historically rooted in Orissa. Popular story of Poet Balram Das creating images of Lord Jagganath, Balabhadra and Subhadra in the beaches of Puri once he was dissuaded from visiting the Lord ,goes on to prove the same.

In recent times, sculptor of international fame Mr.Sudarshan Pattnaik has been responsible for giving a fresh lease of life to this art form in Orissa. Beautiful sand sculptures by him on the Puri beach attract the attention of any tourist and captivates him. He has represented the country in many sand festivals and brought many laurels home.

The carving on sand is easier and quicker than carving on a rigid stone. So it is a bit easier to learn than the art of sculpting images from stone. A learner can get a clear-cut idea about the carving in a relatively short period of time. Though these sand sculptures are eye catching, they are destroyed easily. With the stimulus in tourism, this wonderful art form has received a high popularization. "Golden Sand Art Institute” which is an open air institute in Puri Beach behind Mayfair Hotel was started in the year 1995. Around 50 students get trained in this institute including tourists in batches. Tourists can take basic 7-10 days familiarization course. Beautiful gallery on the beach can be observed in the beach in the afternoon from 4-6 P.M.