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Paika Nrutya

Paika Nrutya:The warrior dance form of Orissa

The Paika Nrutya of Orissa is a form of battle dance. The dance form practiced among the Paikas, the main warrior class of the old Oriya army showcases fiery battle spirit of the army. Interestingly the word owes its origin to the Sanskrit word Padatika meaning “the infantry”.

This folk dance of Orissa in many Paika villages of Khurda and Puri. People gather at a common pulpit after a hard day's work. The Paika Akhada is a place where they practice physical exercises along with other activities like fighting with sword and shields. They dance a fiery battle dance while the drums play on. It is more like a clarion call urging the dancers to get ready for a fiery battle ahead. The vigor and physical excitement of the dancers are worthy of notice. Paika Nrutya is practiced with great enthusiasm by different groups in the villages of Orissa  during Dussera.