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Naga Dance

Naga dance of Orissa

Naga dance form is a special dance form which has been practiced in Orissa since ancient days in the religious festivities. Having its root in Nagaland the dance form has evolved and prospered in Orissa, mostly in the Puri district. It involves energetic and stimulating dance performances exclusively by men.

The Naga Dance of Orissa  is performed wearing heavily colored costumes, featuring bright stripes of mostly red and black. Huge headgears decorated with various items including silver ornaments feathers adorn the dancers. Also a false beard covers most of the face of the dancer. With the help of bamboo sticks the dancers perform the steps according to the rhythm which is specially provided by the drummers. All in all, a Naga dancer requires the following to perform a complete dance:

  • A Sword
  • A Kukri
  • A shield made out of the skin of rhinoceros
  • A gun
  • A horn used as whistle
  • An iron Shield
  • Bow and Arrow
  • Tiger skin
  • Toilet box
  • A bell

The whole body of the dancer is smeared with yellow powder and the forehead with red vermilion. The entire get up is done to create a ferocious look. Interestingly the dance is not accompanied by any song.