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Maa Biraja Maa Biraja: A Short Introdution

Maa Biraja registers herself as one of the prominent seat of shakti worship in Orissa since prehistoric period. Goddess Biraja,the presiding deity of Jajpur is perhaps the most ancient of the Goddesses of the Hindu Pantheon. References about the Mother can be found in ancient puranic texts.She is worshipped and adored not only as Adishakti or primeval power but forms an integral part of the social religious and cultural life of the people of Orissa.

The Goddess who resides in Her temple at Jajpur, by all accounts was a principal deity of Orissa in the ancient times.Although the temple of Thhe mother is of recent origin, the idol by all accounts dates back to prehistoric times. the Mother manifests Herself in the temple as Mahisamardini holding a trident in her had.

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