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Lord Jagannath:The ruling deity of Orissa

Jagannath, literally meaning the lord of universe is the presiding deity of Orissa. Considered to be an incarnation of Vishnu, Lord Jagannath seats on his grand temple in Puri. Of the many things that are unique about the lord, the most unique is the fact that Lord Jagannath is worshipped in conjunction to the image of His Sister Subhadra and brother Lord Balabhadra. The idol of the Triad are also unique in the sense that unlike any other image being worshipped in India which are made of stone, the idols of the lords at Puri are all wooden. Similarly the Lord Jagannath owes his begining to the tribal religion which again is contrary to most other Gods of Hindu Pantheon which owe their allegiance to vedic traditions.

Since the Lord is unique in many respects, it is but natural that he has unique sets of rituals attached to him. All the rituals that are carried on in the Jagannath temple at Puri, philosophies and pantheons associated with the God are grand and  without a precedent in the world. Please scroll through the pages of this section to know more about Jagannath Puri and the Lord Jagannath himself.