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Lacquered Craft

Lac is the refuse of an insect that is gathered by the tribal people.This refuse is used to make goods of innate beauty by craftsmen in Orissa.  Basically a form of tribal craft,this craft is practiced mostly by the tribal women in Balasore and Nawrangpur districts of Orissa by mixing it with different colors and applying on the crafted items. The work is executed in delightful folk designs and includes items like bangles, necklaces and toys; all of them distinctive and hence in great demand by the cognoscenti. The items thus created are much in demand in the international markets and are generally exported.

After conceiving the design of a particular item and giving shape to their imagination, the women apply coats of lac on it. This is done until the surface is evenly coated with lac. After this, the items are left for drying. The surface of the items is then decorated with motifs from nature, geometric patterns and religious symbols. Although the visual power of color and design combine to make an ornamental effect, the artisans are constantly exploring the area of material, form and technique.

Though there are many items that are produced out of lacs like toys,bangles and even jewels, the aesthetically crafted bamboo boxes are the items that attract much of a tourists attention and quite evidently so these are  the major lacquered items to be exported from Orissa. The bamboo boxes are lacquered in attractive colors and ornamented with perfection. These attractive boxes make for great presentation items on all occasions.One of the exquisite crafts of orissa,lacquered craft are simply awesome.