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Kids Stories

Cindrella: one of the popular kids storiesStories are the greatest medium of enthusing a kid.Heart touching stories provide enough food to prod the imaginative skills of the child.Each child is a powerhouse of possibilities waiting to explode.Stories can simply act as a catalyst in exploring these possibilities in a child.Stories develop a child's skills, interests and good behavior. And that' why in the good olden days our ancestors stressed so much on story telling as a way of character building.Stories those were not only creative and imaginative to the kids but were iced with Morals as well.

And thus we have a stock house of stories those have been presented to us by our ancestors;stories where animals speak, trees dance, fairies love.These stories are ageless and provide the kids happiness, imagination and positive attitudes.

Presented in this section are a collection of stories from different sources like the Panchatantra,Aesop's Fables,Hitopdesha and Jataka Tales.

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