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Judiciary of Orissa 

Supreme Court of Orissa:The apex institution in Judiciary of IndiaIndia possesses an integrated and unified judiciary for the whole country.The Indian Judiciary is organised pyramid-ally. At the bottom there are numerous Nyaya panchayats and at the apex there is the Supreme Court. In between the two, there are district courts and the High Courts. The Indian courts of adjudication are divided into two groups - Civil courts and Criminal Courts. The courts that deal in general disputes regarding land, property and other such things are called Civil Courts. Criminal Courts are those that deal with murder, riot as well as looting. The Supreme Court, the High Courts and the lower Courts constitute a single Judiciary. Broadly there is a three - tier division.

In the Indian Judiciary, the Supreme Court is the Apex court in the country. According to the Constitution of India, the role of the Supreme Court of India is that of a centralized court, protector of the Constitution and the highest court of appeal. The High Court stands at the head of the state`s judicial administration. Each state is divided into judicial districts, which is controlled over by a district, and session`s judge, who is the highest judicial power in a district. Below him, there are courts of civil jurisdiction, known in different states as munsifs, sub-judges, civil judges etc. Similarly, criminal judiciary comprises chief judicial magistrate and judicial magistrates of first and second class. The High Courts are the principal courts of original jurisdiction in the state, and can try all offences including those punishable with death.

The high court of Orissa is based in Cuttack.The high court takes care of entire Judicial system in the state of Orissa.