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Lord Jagannath: The Lord of Universe

Lord JagannathA manifest of lord Vishnu, Lord Jagannath is the presiding deity of Orissa.The Lord who has been traditionally worshipped in the town of Puri for long has been the most revered deities in the states of Orissa.What's unique about the Lord is that He is worshipped along with His siblings Lord Balabhadra and Goddess Subhadra in the temple.

The three deities have been worshipped in puri since time immemorial.Unlike most of the idols in rest of the temples in India which are made of either stone or metals, the deities’ idols in Puri are made of wood and are ensconced in the Golden Throne – The Ratna Singhasan. Finding their seat along with the Lord are miniature metal images of Devi Lakshmi, Devi Saraswati besides an image of the Sudrashan Chakra.The elder brother Balabhadra is six feet in height, the younger Jagannath five feet, and their sister Subhadra four feet. They are fashioned into a curious resemblance of the human head resting on a sort of pedestal.

The temple of the Lord Jagannath Puri is also unique in many ways.The Jagannath temple is constructed in Kalinga style of architecture is impressive not only due to its massive size but also the intricate carvings.The Lord Jagannath is considered to be a royal person and is thus provided with such facilities like the audience hall (Jagamohan),dining hall (Bhogamandapa) and a dancing hall (Natyamandapa). Besides, he is further provided with horses, gold, jewelry, silken clothes and a lofty abode (Vimana) for his residence.

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