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Household Tips

For removing stains from Jewelry, Pans and surfaces etc

  • Home Cleaning ipsTo prevent your silver jewelry from blackening, place a small piece of camphor with it.
  • To lend a sparkle to your gold jewelry, apply toothpaste and rub for two to three minutes with a used toothbrush. wash off with lukewarm water.
  • 'Agarbatti' ash can be used to clean your silver or brass 'agarbatti' stand.
  • To remove greasy/oily stains from any metal, wooden or plastic surfaces, apply a dap of Vaseline over it and work the stain with your finger for a while. Then wipe it off. the stain will come off easily. Same can be done to remove grease from your hands.
  • To easy clean greasy pans, soak the pans in hot water and then scrub it with a lemon peel and then wash it as usual.
  • To shine silver utensils/jewelry, wash them using toothpaste.
  • While cleaning your storage containers add a pinch of baking soda. This will help to remove all odors and cut grease.
  • Don't throw away the skin of boiled potatoes; use them to wipe mirrors. They will be sparkling clean.
  • A mixture of liquid ammonia and detergent powder is excellent for cleaning cabinets, refrigerators and garbage pails.
  • To clean, used and empty pickle bottles put warm water in them, add three tablespoons synthetic vinegar, a tablespoon of washing powder and shake at intervals. Leave overnight. Rinse them in the morning. They will be odor free.

For Pest Control

  • Pest ControlEvery weak disinfect your kitchen cutting boards and knives in hot water added with bleach and vinegar. Bleach disinfects and vinegar removes odors.
  • If you find ants attacking your plants, just sprinkle a little turmeric powder around. They will run away.
  • Tobacco leaves, when placed under a carpet, act as an effective insecticide.
  • Mosquito mats can be used as substitutes for moth ball and can ward off insects in closed suitcases and cupboards.
  • Place four aspirin tablets inside the Micro wave oven. Replenish this stock after a few days and see the cockroaches vanish.
  • Mix together equivalent parts of sugar and baking soda. Cockroaches gobble up the sugar, and the baking soda gives them gas, messes up their stomachs and finally kills them.
  • Boric acid is a 100% hard-hitting method since the acid eats the body of the insect, and prevents the roaches from becoming immune to that! Only thing is that it isn't instant. You just need to put the powder where they walk.
  • Do not leave the sink overnight with unclean utensils and even leaving it wet. Cockroaches flourish on humid areas and your sink is open their target.

For removing stains from clothes

  • In case of colored clothes, soak them in a mild hydrogen peroxide solution for about 15 minutes and then rinse well.
  • Use some nail polish remover to lighten the stain and soak the cloth in petrol. Dry it in the sun and then wash.
  • Mud stains on clothes can be removed by the water of boiled potatoes or firstly scrape off the dry mud , then apply a slice of raw potato over the stained area.
  • To remove ball point ink marks from clothes use a nail polish remover.
  • If you smudge a white garment with lipstick or ball point ink, spray hair spray immediately on the spot. Dab with a clean cloth before the mark dries up. It will come off easily.
  • Glycerin can remove tea or coffee stains from delicate fabrics and clothes. Dip the stained part in glycerin over night and wash with soap and water the next day.
  • Fresh tea stains can be removed if sponged with cold water immediately.
  • Tea stains on any white cloth can be removed by applying sugar on the affected spot.
  • To remove tea stains from clothes, wash them with a solution of salt and lemon juice.
  • If coffee or tea stains are old then dissolve soda bi card in water and use the solution to wash them.
  • To remove rust stain from garments, apply calcium carbonate paste (chuna paste) to the stained area and keep aside for an hour. Rub with an old tooth brush and wash with cold water.
  • For rust marks on cottons or linen, soak the cloth in a day old rice water. This will remove the most stubborn stain.
  • Lemon juice removes rust, fruit and ink stains. Rub the spots well with lemon , cover with salt and put in the sun. If the spots are obstinate repeat the process several times.