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Ghoomra Dance

Ghumra dance:Folk dance of Orissa

The Ghoomra Dance form is actually named after a kind of drum, the Ghumar that is played with it. The drum which looks like a barrel made of clay and the mouth is covered with the skin of a reptile (Godhi), produces a deep musical sound. This dance starts fifteen days before the Gamha Purnima, full moon in September. The dancers tie the drums with strings around their neck and dance to its tune while simultaneously playing it.

The Ghoomra Dance takes off with light circular movements. Nisan is another kind of drum, smaller in size and played with two leather sticks. The main dancer performs at the center and the others move in concentric circles to form a straight line. The Ghoomra is performed in any religious ceremony or on the occasion of one’s marriage or any other social functions.

At times, a competition is held between two parties. Each party consists of twenty to twenty-five men and the dance goes on the whole night. Ghoomra is prevalent among the 'Sahara' and other Aborigines and Harijans and songs have love as their main theme. The other forms of folk dance like 'Humo', 'Bauli', 'Jhulki', 'Jamudali', 'Mayalajar', 'Gunjikata', 'Rasarkeli' and 'Puchi' are prevalent among the Oriyas and aborigines of Orissa.