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Maa Biraja

Goddess Biraja registers her importance as a significant cult deity of Shakti worship in Orissa at the famous town of Jajpur since time immemorial. The deity who is worshipped as Adishakti or primeval power forms an integral part of the social, religious and cultural life of the people of Orissa. In fact she was the ruling deity of Orissa till the time Vaishnavite Brahmanism swept over Orissa and consequently led to the establishment of Lord Jagannath as the most important god head.

The image of Maa Biraja that is worshipped in her 70 feet high temple is dated back to prehistoric times. The stone idol of the goddess is generally covered heavily with clothes, flowers and ornaments leaving only her face to be viewed by her devotees. The image is is the representation of two armed Mahisamardini goddess Durga. She holds a trident in her right hand piercing forcefully in the demon’s chest with her left hand, she pulls the tail of the buffalo and at the same time tramples it’s neck with her right foot.,/p>

The presence of Maa Biraja along with the flowing Baitrani, makes Jajpur an important place of pilgrimage in India. The goddess has her own rituals that are followed in worshipping her. Similarly attached to the goddess are many festivals that are significantly popular among her devotees.

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