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Decorating Bathrooms

Bathroom DecorationIn general, all baths -- from the luxurious spa to the cheerful, kid-friendly bath down the hall -- require adequate light, good ventilation, plenty of storage, and fittings and fixtures that are as practical as they are attractive. Now a days traditionally styled fixtures and fittings are featured in­ a wide range of prices so it's possible to achieve a high-end look without paying a fortune. Peolple who might not have the budget for a marble floor, can opt for faux-marble ceramic tiles and still get the look. One of the major constraints in City life is that of Space Its but natural then that with the high cost associated with living space, the bathrooms are normally built small. However a bit of innovative thinking coupled with a real desire to beautify things can really work wonders in making an attractive bathroom.

  • Decide on a color palette. Choose a bold color, but not a primary color. For example, if you love red, choose a brick or clay hue, rather than fire-engine red. You want the color to contrast with the stark-white fixtures.
  • Choose large floor tiles in a dark color. The color will depend on the color palette you chose for the room. Choose a neutral shade that will complement your palette. By installing 16x-16-inch floor tiles, you not only require fewer tiles, but you fool the eye into believing there is more floor space in the room. The tiles should have a slightly rough surface. This not only reduces the risk of slipping, it also adds texture to the space.
  • Choose smaller tiles for the shower surround or the walls around the tub. These should be white, 4-x-4-inch tiles. Create a border using bull-nose tiles that coordinate with your color palette.
  • Paint the walls of the bathroom, but leave six to eight inches unpainted at the top of the walls. Paint the ceiling the same color, but one or two shades lighter. Use this color to paint the space left at the top. This creates the illusion of height.
  • For a bathroom mirror, choose either a medicine cabinet that frames the mirror or a simple mirror that hangs flush against the wall. The lighting fixtures should be bright enough to allow for makeup application or for shaving, and they should flank the mirror, rather than be placed above it. If you want to add another light to the bathroom,this would be an overhead, recessed light that provides a soft glow to the room.
  • For your faucets, choose a brushed nickel or burnished gold. Select a shape that complements the curves and lines of your vanity, toilet and tub.
  • Soft lighting, a little added texture and a bold color statement are the basics for turning a small bathroom into a visually pleasing space. And when you want to redecorate, all you need to do is repaint, choose a new shower curtain and change out your accessories